The Houston warehouse sector had a positive year in 2015 due to increased rental rates, lower vacancy, increased absorption and a resulting increase in sales price per square foot.The tremendous industry growth experienced over the last 25 years can be attributed to greater public awareness of the economic and personal advantages of the product. This continued increase in demand, teamed with excellent investment potential, has made self-storage one of the leading growth industries in the country since 1978.

Scope of Warehouse Project

  • Positive factors in the city include an increase in jobs, low unemployment, stable rental rates, low vacancy, low-to-no concessions, positive net absorption, active leasing, sales velocity, and new construction.
  • Newer properties are viewed very favourably, since some older industrial products involve obsolescence, being incompatible with modern requirements of users, such as greater wall heights, larger contiguous blocks of space, more overhead doors, and floors that can support heavier loads of equipment and goods.
  • This high demand for Houston storage units may be due to a growth in population.
  • More people are moving; more people are in transition and with that Houston self storage facilities running at 85 to 90 percent occupancy.
  • As the demand for residential and commercial storage has increased, so has the need for facilities that supply it. Owners being able to raise prices easier because of the strong demand.
  • Inventory can quickly grow out of control with the change of seasons. Store any additional items in a unit for safe and secure keeping. As sales pick up and requires more inventory, the additional inventory can quickly be picked up from storage at anytime
  • Most of the students during their college time, live half of the time at home and half of the time at college. Their lives as well as their belongings are split between two locations. This is where self store units come into the picture.

Our storage facilities are

  • Archive documents and other important files
  • Product storage
  • Storage of office furniture
  • Retail or restaurant storage
  • Storage of imported and exported goods
  • Small businesses with overstock
  • Storage of seasonal items
  • Tradeshow storage
  • Pharmaceutical samples
  • Medical and legal records
  • Mobile business equipment storage
  • Increased business activity means an increased volume of self-storage commercial tenants.
  • Self-storage is perfect for companies that are going through a transition phase, de-cluttering the space.