A new Real Estate Investment Analytics Platform built on Salesforce | Real Estate Analytics Software
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Real Estate Analytics Software

The Why ?

Leveraging the power and workflow of Salesforce.com, our software allows users to experience interactivity with advanced analytics on any device.

Case Study

It’s just the beginning for our software and there’s miles to go. Check out how it can easily find hidden gems for your real estate investments today..

Test Drive it Today

Interested so far ? Great. We want to know your thoughts. Test Drive our Beta version for free (without limitations) today and even suggest features:


100 % growth in your portfolio : Achievable


360 degree Insights in your Investment: Easy


An Integrated dashboard: Coming Soon


Test Drive our beta at ZERO cost

Real Estate Investment Analytics in Salesforce

Now get the power of real-estate investment analytics integrated with convenience of Salesforce.

Test drive the software and just let us know what features and functionality you are looking for in our contact us page. No payment or credit card required and it is totally free. Just contact us by email and we will share the credentials to access our app on your email id.

Our salesforce platform gets updated Zillow information in real time.

Get notification alerts (Daily/weekly/monthly). Subscribe any report and get updated on your investment goals.

Deep Insights - pricing trends, days unsold, margin and much more

Data in an organized tabular format and generated based on the criteria defined

Our cloud-based Salesforce Analytics offer the flexibility and convenience of secure, on-demand, access-anywhere

Test drive our software here today… no downloads, no payment, no fuss.