Scope of Low Cost Housing Project

  • Houston is drawing investors to the area due to the boost in demand from new residents and families wanting to live in single-family rentals.
  • The National Housing Trend Report published by in September showed Houston had one of the best housing markets with sales moving quicker than other major cities.
  • Compared with 74 other housing markets, Houston has performed the best over the past four years and is likely to continue to do so this year. Over the long term, job growth and population growth drive rental rates and property values.
  • Houston’s healthy job market and relatively affordable home prices have landed the city on a list of the best markets in which to buy a single-family home as a rental property.

Our Target Segment

  • Working-class families that spend more than half their income for housing. Because these households struggle to pay for food, clothing, healthcare, and transportation.
  • As baby boomers look for new places to live for their retirement, they may choose to downsize and sell their homes. They could decide to live in rental homes to avoid having to spend time and money to maintain their homes.
  • Not only among low-income renters, but also medium-income homebuyers.