A new Real Estate Investment Analytics Platform built on Salesforce | Case Study
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Case Study

Why you need Real Estate Analytics ?

analytics for real estate case study

Investing in Real Estate, House Purchase, management of REI portfolios is a complex undertaking. You may be a seasoned investor, or novice, a real estate professional or a first time house or commercial property buyer, this is a decision that can lead to substantial profit..or loss.
The use of ‘Big Data’ and Analytics is changing the landscape all around us. Large companies to start-up use this across the world. Use of Analytics in Real Estate for the individual investor, Real Estate professional or home-buyer can now redefine how you manage your investments. Here is a case study on how our software helped an individual novice investor double his real-estate investment in
Check out what the world famous strategy consulting firm is saying about use of Analytics in Real Estate Investing and Portfolio management.

Case Study

RealtyScout, our real estate investment analytics platform was instrumental in a 100% gain on an undiscovered investment.

land investment houston texas using Real Estate Analytics tool